Q: What is Susenji Nana?
A: Susenji Nana is a beauty oral supplement that comprises of 4 main ingredients that possess strong antioxidant and whitening properties, providing the skin its required whitening and anti-aging needs. It stimulates collagen growth and elastin, effectively inhibits over production of melanin thus improving dull uneven skin tone, fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin problems. It also helps to restore fairness, allowing your skin to feel soft and look young inside out

Q: What is the main ingredient of Susenji Nana?
A: It contains Saberry that has been used in India for centuries. It is an anti-aging medical ingredient and a health tonic that is known for its youth lasting properties. A very strong modern skin antioxidant and whitening agent, thus it helps to enhance the body's ability to self-synthesize collagen, quickly repairs damaged skin elastic fibers, inhibits the production of melanin, while achieving an effective anti-wrinkle and whitening effect. Hence, restoring delicate, translucent plump, elastic and fair skin

Q: What are the main effects of Susenji Nana?
A: It helps with whitening, brightening, lightening freckles and spots, lightening scars, retaining skin hydration level, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin elasticity, minimize enlarged pores, improve skin acnes, breakouts, delay skin aging

Q: What is the best timing and how to consume Susenji Nana?
A: It is best recommended to consume it directly before breakfast or before bed time with an empty stomach. Maximum 2 sachets per day. The first recommended time is the moment when you wake up with empty stomach as the gastrointestinal tract is basically empty and absorbs the best during this timing. The second recommended time is at least 1.5 hours after dinner so that the body can absorb best when your body enters into resting state. For best results, take 1 sachet in the day and 1 sachet in the night

Q: How long will I be able to see results? 
A: Depends on individuals' body condition and metabolic absorption rate. Generally healthy skin should be able to see results after consuming for 30 days. Results varies! A healthy skin completes its metabolic cycle every 28 days. For people with poorer absorption rate may take 60 days or more to see results

Q: Can I consume Susenji Nana when I am having my period? 
A: Yes. Susenji Nana does not contain any ingredient that will affect hormones, therefore it will not affect anything related to hormones. During menstruation period, the skin may appear dull, sensitive, lack of radiance, experience active sebum secretion which will cause breakouts. Susenji Nana helps to protect the skin and enhance hydration, brightening and prevent breakouts

Q: Can I consume other supplements while consuming Susenji Nana?
A: Yes. Susenji Nana is a food grade supplement made up of 100% natural ingredients, thus can be pair up with other supplements at the same time without worrying that it will affect other supplements intake

Q: My skin is sensitive and/or prone to breakouts. Can I consume Susenji Nana?
A: Yes. Susenji Nana contains Yeast Ceramide that helps to protect the skin from chemical allergens, has high moisturising ability, and repairs the skin. Torula Yeast is rich in glutathione which helps to maintain normal immune system function, and has antioxidant effects and integrated detoxification effects. Susenji Nana is also rich in grape seed extract and lemon that possess high amount of vitamin C, which helps to repair acne and sensitive skin, promotes would healing, lightens acne scars, promote keratin replacement and helps with skin renewal! Thus, improving acne and sensitive skin. Try to avoid applying makeup for long period of time to prevent clogging of pores, get quality sleep and avoid staying up late, so as not to stimulate the skin to secrete more oil and melanin. In addition, go with a balanced diet, eat more fruits and vegetables, less irritating food, sweets, and friend food

Q: Can I mix Susenji Nana with water to consume?
A: Yes. Each sachet contains 1.5g and it melts finely in our mouth, hence you may also consume directly from the sachet

Q: How do Susenji Nana helps with skin-whitening? Do I still need to take whitening cosmetic injections if I consume Susenji Nana?
A: Susenji Nana contains several ingredients that helps with skin whitening like Saberry, Torula Yeast, Grape Seed Extract and Lemon. Therefore, you do not need to undergo whitening cosmetic injections to achieve fair bright skin

1. Saberry
- Rich in beta-glucoside, high antioxidant properties, inhibit precipitation and production of melanin

2. Lemon
- Whitening properties, high in Vitamin C, strong antioxidants

3. Torula Yeast 
- High level of glutathione which helps to remove harmful free radicals, protect skin cells from oxidative damage, improve skin whitening effect over short period of time

4. Grape Seed Extract
- Reduce damage from free radicals and UV rays, strengthen skin immunity, whitening and brightening, produce translucent and fair white skin texture

Q: Does Susenji Nana helps with just my face or full body?
A: Susenji Nana helps full body to achieve brighter and fairer skin tone. Based on clinical trial results, Susenji Nana improves skin whitening ability up to 180%, skin-brightening ability up to 168% and skin anti-aging abilities up to 153%. However, these results may vary for different people due to different absorption ability and metabolic rate. To achieve better results, pair up with your suitable skin care

Q: I have managed to see results after consuming Susenji Nana. How do I maintain it?
A: We are constantly being exposed to free radicals and UV rays that can affect our skin. Therefore, it is recommended to continue consume Susenji Nana once every two days for maintenance. Maintaining a beautiful skin is a lifetime commitment! 

Q: What is the difference between Susenji Nana and other collagen supplements?
A: Most collagen supplements contain raw resources such as, fish bone, fish skin and fish scales which are used for fish collagen and bone skin collagen uses bovine bone, pig bone, and skin, so it is not suitable for vegetarians. Meanwhile, Susenji Nana utilises the 4 main ingredients that not only helps to brighten and whiten our skin, but it also stimulate the proliferation of collagen and elastin in the body, effectively inhibit the production of excessive melanin, and improve dull skin, wrinkles, swelling and roughness problems, from inside out. Susenji Nana contains natural plant extracts which is extremely suitable for vegetarian consumers

Q: Will I turn darker if I stop consume Susenji Nana?
A: No. Our skin cells are metabolizing non-stop. Pigment cells that are previously lightened after consuming Susenji Nana will return unless there is no proper UV care such as application of sunblock 

Q: Can I consume Susenji Nana when I am having sunburn?
A: Yes. Susenji Nana is an oral supplement, it will not create adverse effect on the surface on our skin. Susenji Nana not only helps to retain skin's hydration & moisture level, it also inhibits the production of melanin and prevent formation of dark spots and freckles. It is best recommended to pair up with your favourite sunblock to attain the best result in protecting and repair of your skin

**TIP: Use a cold wet towel to compress on your sunburnt areas during the 1st golden 24 hours! It will help to soothe your skin, aids in inhibiting melanin production. Your skin may experience dry flaky skin during 48 hours after sunburn. This is the time where our skin cells repair itself. So, we've to moisturise the burnt area during this period and it is extremely important! 72 hours after sunburn is the time for skin to absorb products with whitening properties

Q: Can I consume Susenji Nana when I fall sick?
A: Yes. Susenji Nana is a food grade oral supplement, there will be no adverse effects if you take them when you are taking any medication. Susenji Nana contains high amount of antioxidants and vitamin C which helps to build up body immune system as well. Take Susenji Nana 2 hours after taking any medication

Q: How many sachets of Susenji Nana can I consume?
A: Recommended to take a maximum of 2 sachets per day, 1 in the morning and 1 at night.

Q: What is the difference with powdered and liquid supplements?
A: As a new concept of beauty products, there are many types of whitening products such as powder, granule, liquid, etc. Each different type of whitening product has its own advantages and disadvantages. Liquid whitening products absorb well is its biggest advantage, but because it is liquid, in order to ensure it does not deteriorate during transportation, some flavouring and preservatives need to be added, so the purity is greatly reduced. The biggest advantage of a powdered whitening product is that, it can reach a high degree of purity, as it can be easily absorbed and easy to store. There is no need to worry about damage during transportation. Powdered whitening products are also relatively easy to carry, and it is very convenient to consume everywhere you go

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