Q: What is Susenji Gold Gel?
A: A fast and efficient way to get slimmer toned legs. It does not sting/burn your skin.

Q: Does it stings/burns?
A: No. Few minutes after applying, you will expect a pleasant warm sensation. It is cool and absorbs well without leaving a sticky layer on your skin. Sometimes you will expect redness and itchiness which are normal symptoms as your blood circulation is stimulated and improved.

Q: How do I use Susenji Gold Gel?
A: Simply just squeeze the bottle lightly to dispense a small amount of gel and roll it at least 10 times on the area where you want to tone up! Tip: a thin layer is more than enough. (Thus, it is worth $66!) Also, use it in the morning when our metabolism is at its peak and use it at night after shower when our pores are opened. 

Q: Are there any harmful ingredients in Susenji Gold Gel?
A: NO. You may wish to read the list of ingredients under the product page. You can only use it externally at any part of your body, except your face.

Q: How long does a tube normally last?
A: Depends on the area of usage. It will normally last for around 30 days. However, we do recommend our customers to use 2 - 4 tubes to see a constant result. 1st tube is for your body to adapt, 2nd tube is the stage of optimal absorption, 3rd and 4th tubes onwards would show a more permanent result.

Q: Will my fats rebound if I stop using Susenji Gold Gel?
A: We recommend our customers to use SSJ Gold Gel with regular exercise regimes to maintain and improve your metabolism rate and at the same time able to retain a slim body. Otherwise, complete your Susenji journey with Susenji Orange MOFA. (Check out the bundle deal under “Products”)

Q: How long does it take to see results?

A: Different people react to Susenji products differently. However, measurable results can usually be seen from half or 1 tube. For optimal results, we recommend 3 - 4 tubes.

Q: How long does my order takes to reach me?
A: It takes about 2 ~ 4 working days. 

Q: Are all products instocks?
A: Yes. Unless stated “sold out”

Q: Is it safe to use if I am pregnant/breastfeeding?
A: Yes, only your thighs and calves. Breastfeeding mommies can use at any part of their body, avoid anywhere near breast area.

Q: Is it suitable for sensitive skin?
A: Yes, for all skin types.


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